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Automotive Electrical Training Aids | Affordable for all budgets

Automotive Electrical Training Aids

Give your students a head start with electrical concepts!


Affordable for limited budgets

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Built to last class after class

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NATEF Driven

Accomplish NATEF tasks

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Instructor and student tested, preferred

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Electrical Diagnostic Training Aids

Teaching electrical diagnostic concepts, especially to dozens of students daily, should be enjoyable and fun to teach and learn. Several electrical diagnostic training aids designed for different circuits and different purposes each with dozens of test points. Made from the most durable of materials!

5-Circuit Trainer

The 5-Circuit Electrical Diagnostic Trainer, priced at only $2495 (20% educational discount available) plus shipping is perfect for teaching basic electrical diagnostic skills. Complete with five circuits, instructors have the ability to place literally dozens and dozens of "bugs" in each circuit. Each 5-Circuit Electrical Diagnostic Trainer contains the following circuits: Series, Parallel Stoplamp, Horn, Cooling Fan, & Heater.

Single Circuit Trainers

Single circuit trainers ($595, $525 w/ educational discount) consisting of one of the following circuits: series, parallel stoplamp, cooling fan, horn, heater, NPN transistor, PNP transistor

Ohms Trainer Box

Ohms Trainer Box ($79 per, $375 for set of five) is the ONLY one like this on the market. Perfect for teaching Ohms connectivity and how to use an Ohm Meter, this Ohms Trainer Box comes complete with worksheets. Buy a single box or a full set of five and get a set discount.

Voltage Drop Demonstrator

A great training aid to teach the dynamics of voltage drops in a controlled environment. Purchase a Voltage Drop Demonstrator for $425


Instructor Testimonial

"This trainer makes it much easier for me to get the dozens of students through the NATEF electrical tasks with ease." - Cory K., Instructor

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Student Testimonial

"I was intimidated with basic electrical troubleshooting until I used this electrical board." - Kevin P., Student

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Instructor Testimonial

"It has been a great tool for our instructors - excellent product." - Lynn R., Instructor

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