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Electrical Training Aids

Electrical Training Aids

Let’s be honest. When does an instructor have time to build a trainer, or prepare “live” demonstrations on vehicles between classes, and then fix the wiring circuits prior to the next class? Might as well dedicate several hours to rewiring the whole vehicle!  We understand! We’ve been there and have solved the problem the problem for you!

Electrical Training Aids Picture

Norm Chapman, CEO of United Concept Trainers, has been wanting to provide instructors and institutions with electrical training aids that were affordable, durable, simple, and helpful.

After years of thinking, he started doing.  After a painstaking search to find the perfect set of components that delivered on all four points, he developed electrical training aids that have been well received by the both students and instructors.

Electrical Training Aid Features:

    • Aluminum frame
    • Aluminum removable feet to allow trainer to stand on table tops
    • Automotive Blade Fuses (Older models had a cartridge type fuse)
    • Carry handler
    • Hinged locking rear doors
    • Aluminum faced, composite core face board
    • 12V power supply input (included)

*Trainers may take 4-6 weeks to deliver upon order based on demand.


5-Circuit Electrical Diagnostic Trainer

Single Circuit Electrical Diagnostic Trainers
-Cooling Fan Circuit
-Heater Circuit
-Horn Circuit
-NPN Transistor Circuit
-Parallel Stoplamp Circuit
-PNP Transistor Circuit
-Series Circuit

Ohms Box Demonstrators

Voltage Drop Demonstrators

If you have any questions please contract us at .

If you have any suggestions for future circuits feel free to reach out as well. You, the instructor, know best what you and your program need, and we listen!