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5-Circuit Electrical Training Aid

5-Circuit Electrical Training Aid

Price: $2,695 ($2,395-Educational Discount) plus free shipping (domestic United States)
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The 5-Circuit electrical training aid, priced at only $2695 ($2,395-Educational discount) is perfect for teaching basic electrical diagnostic skills. Complete with five circuits, instructors have the ability to place literally dozens and dozens of “bugs” in each circuit.

Each 5-Circuit Electrical Diagnostic Trainer contains the following circuits:

  • Series
  • Parallel Stoplamp
  • Horn
  • Cooling Fan
  • Heater.

All electrical training aids from United Concept Trainers contain the following features:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Aluminum removable feet to allow trainer to stand on table tops
  • Automotive Blade Fuses (Older models had a cartridge type fuse)
  • Carry handler
  • Hinged locking rear doors (can be left unlocked so students can quiz each other)
  • Aluminum faced, composite core face board
  • 12V power supply input (included)