5-Circuit Training Aid


5-circuit training aid comes complete with series, parallel, cooling fan, horn, and heater electrical circuits! Instructors rave about these training aids!

10% Educational Discount Available.

5-Circuit Training Aid

This training aid priced at only $2,995 (10% educational discount available. Contact us prior to purchase) is perfect for teaching basic electrical diagnostic skills. Complete with five circuits (series, parallel, cooling fan, horn, heater) instructors have the ability to place literally dozens and dozens of “bugs” in each circuit. Each circuit allows students to learn the concepts of the different circuit types in a controlled environment.

The last thing an instructor has time to do is "fix" the mistakes of students as they learn electrical concepts on a real car. Or, having to babysit a training aid that is computerized  with limited "bug" inputs. United Concept Trainers has created electrical training aids that are user-friendly--instructors can input "bugs" and then lock the rear doors, or let students input "bugs" and test each other. This has been the most popular concept and it allows students to effectively test each other, bringing increased learning, troubleshooting, and leverages the instructors time!

The most popular training aid sold by United Concept Trainers and instructors rave about them. In fact, much of our business is repeat customers! Why? They are simple, durable, and priced to fit most any budget. Our margins are slim and we are dedicated to educational success in the vocational setting. We believe in technical education and are committed to helping students and professionals in the field better understand electrical circuits!

5 Circuit Electrical Training Aid Details

Each 5-Circuit Electrical Training Aid contains the following circuits:

  • Series
  • Parallel Stoplamp
  • Horn
  • Cooling Fan
  • Heater.

All electrical training aids from United Concept Trainers contain the following features:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Aluminum removable feet to allow trainer to stand on table tops
  • Automotive Blade Fuses (Older models had a cartridge type fuse)
  • Carry handler
  • Hinged locking rear doors (can be left unlocked so students can quiz each other)
  • Aluminum faced, composite core face board
  • 12V power supply input (included)

Additional information

Weight42 lbs
Dimensions48.5 × 31 × 4.5 in