Series Circuit Electrical Training Aid


Series circuit electrical training aid teaches the concepts of series circuits. Complete with dozens of bugs and test points so students can master this concept.

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Series Circuit Electrical Training Aid

Series Circuit Electrical Training Aids is simple, affordable, and effective at teaching the basics of the series circuit. Easily input a number of "bugs" to simulate diagnosis of a circuit.

A series circuit is the most basic electrical circuit. It is also one of the most, if not the most, common circuits around us. In a series circuit, the electrically current goes through all components in the circuit. If you have three lights and one of the lights is removed then the circuit is "broken" and doesn't work.

Wikipedia has a great article on series circuits. We see these circuits everywhere. Think of your table lamp. The lamp has a plug, a switch, and a bulb. If you plug it in and the switch is off then the light doesn't work. Once you engage the switch the current flows through to the bulb and, eureka!, you have light!

Series Circuit Electrical Training Aid Details

The Series Circuit Electrical Training Aid contains the following:

  • Numerous test points to input "bugs"
  • Includes a 12V power supply adapter
  • Made of heavy duty aluminum
  • Locking back door for instructor access only
  • NATEF task sheets to guide instruction

Additional information

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions4.5 × 14 × 31 in

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