Voltage Drop Demonstrator Training Aid


Voltage drop demonstrator teaches the challenges in diagnosis voltage drops across traditional lighting and LED lighting.

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Voltage Drop Demonstrator

The Voltage Drop Demonstrator provides the hands-on application necessary for students to grasp the concept behind voltage drops on the positive or negative side of a circuit, depending on control switch location.

One of the most rampant electrical maladies showing up in automotive service bays today is the phenomenon known as voltage drop. Left unchecked, voltage drop causes countless unsolved electrical mysteries, especially when it infects the ground side of a circuit. It can also trick you into replacing parts that are not bad.

The more connections and wiring a vehicle has, the more vulnerable the electrical system is to voltage drop.

Practice safe electrical service when containing electrical voltage drop. This means measuring voltage drop before reaching any conclusions. “Voltage dropping” a circuit tells you when the circuit is too restricted to operate a component (e.g., motor, relay, light bulb) or operate it correctly. If the circuit is restricted, repair it and retest. If there is no restriction and the component still does not run or run correctly, then replace the component.



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